4 Reasons Why Casino Royale is Our Favourite Casino Movie

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Nothing quite beats the thrill of watching a casino based movie, everyone involved oozes class, distinction and a degree of arrogant confidence we all wish we possessed at times.

You are guaranteed, glitz, glamour, sharp suits, smooth talking and of course, some serious gambling action and that is never a bad thing.

The choice of quality casino movies are seemingly endless, ‘Rounders’ and ‘Rainman’ are prime examples and I haven’t gotten started on the aptly named ‘Casino’ or the ‘Oceans’ Franchise.

However, there is one title which stands out as the best, Casino Royale.

There are four very good reasons that makes Casino Royale our favourite casino film here at Your Mobile Casinos, so what are they?

007 Gets His Licence to Kill

The smoothest, coolest man in the world is undoubtedly Ian Flemmings James Bond. The opening scenes in Casino Royale depict how Bond becomes a 00 agent and despite the casino action happening later in the film, the movie highlights Bond and his grittiest and toughest yet.

From the Black and white action in the very opening scene, Bond oozes confidence and the film builds up the anticipation nicely as 007 heads to Montenegro to play a high stakes poker game.

Who else but Bond can win an Aston Martin DB5 at the poker table?

The scene where Bond turns up in the Bahamas and coolly walks away with the keys to an Aston Martin DB5 he wins in a game of Poker against villain Alex Dimitrios is a comedy classic.

Upon easily cleaning up the table, Bond takes his newly won prize for a spin and picks up a pleasant lady who he offers to take back to is apartment (the partner of Alex Dimitrios). However, Bond is also staying at the venue where he won the car and he duly drives the lady back around the Hotels round-about and straight into his bed.

Le Chiffre Beats Bond

The first time you see this scene you can’t quite believe Bond has actually lost. Competing in a high stakes Poker game at a casino in Montenegro with a £10m buy-in in attempt to prevent terror financer from recouping his money, Bond remarkably calls Le Chiffre’s bluff and is eliminated from the game.

The surprise on Bonds face is so real that for a minute you think you are watching a live tournament, the suspense, sweat and imperious stare makes this one of the most heartbeating scenes in Casino history (Before Bond is Bought back into the game by the CIA).


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Bond Dies, Then Wins

Only Bond could die and still win in a poker tournament, during one of the hands, Bonds trademark drink is poisoned and he has to excuse himself as he tries to reboot his heart thanks to the handy Defibrillator in his car.

Heartbreakingly, he forgets to connect the wire and actually dies, however, Bonds love interest handily follows him out and gives his heart the shock it needs.

The moment Bond walks back into the room is a classic with Le Chiffre’s face a picture, then Bond goes on to win the game with a straight flush to the shock and horror of Le Chiffre who holds a Full House.

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