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It is no secret that competition between casinos is extremely intense. The proliferation of online casinos in the last decade has resulted in the competition growing heavily in this segment. Today, there are innumerable options for a player looking for online casinos. It has resulted in a plethora of casino bonuses and promotions falling on the doorstep in order to attract new players. A bulk of these offers are centred around the concept of free spins.

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Free spins are a great way to attract new players and to even provide existing players the opportunity to experience a new online slot before placing real money. It is quite possible that these offers exist in different terms like a bonus spins or free rounds. Yet, the concept around this bonus remains the same – offering players the chance to play an online slot for free.

Popular Types of Free Spins Bonuses

Free Spins with Deposit Bonus

In order to encourage new players to place a deposit, online casinos provide free spins as part of the welcome or deposit offers. The free spins are offered to players – existing and new – upon placing a deposit. Just as most of the deposit bonuses come with a wagering requirements, the free spins that come as part of the deposit bonus are likely to have some restrictions as well. Restrictions, though, are largely on limiting the use of these free spins only to specific games.

No Deposit Free Spins Bonuses

Online casinos frequently try to motivate new players to try out their games by providing the chance to play their games without any deposit. It is imperative to read the terms and conditions because the free spins without deposit bonus can often be used on specific online slots and not on the entire range of games.

There are also withdrawal restrictions on the winnings, as some online casinos require a minimum deposit in order to cash out the winnings obtained from the free spins. A growing number of online casinos are allowing players to withdraw the winnings from the no deposit free spins without any restrictions as long as they have an active account.

Free Spins along with Welcome Offers

An increasing trend amongst online casinos is to offer free spins as part of the welcome bonus package. New players are often provided a first deposit bonus of around 100%, but they would also receive free spins – often running into the hundreds – along with this cash bonus. The free spins which are bundled along with the welcome bonuses are usually not available in one go. Instead, they are often split into different stages determined by the deposits.

These free spins may also carry an expiry period along with several restrictions like the game, number of paylines, and cashing out. On a stand-alone basis, free spins may not appear to be as attractive as a cash bonus. If there are no restrictions on the number of paylines, these free spins can be quite rewarding as even a small stake can translate into several hundred dollars over the entire free spin bonus.

Understanding the Terms and Conditions

As with every other online casino bonus, the free spins are also accompanied by various terms and conditions. It is imperative to go through these conditions before deciding on the attractiveness of a specific free spins offer.

Supported Games

Most of the free spins offer usually carry a list of permitted games, which is often extremely small. It would not be surprising if some online casinos restrict players to no more than a single game when it comes to using the free spins. Casinos that provide access to popular slot games using the free spins should be preferred over the casinos that only allow free spins to be used on a certain game merely for promotion purposes.

Wagering Requirements

Online casino bonuses carry plenty of wagering requirements and these apply to the free spins as well. It is often required to use any winnings obtained from the free spins for a specific number of wagers before they can be withdrawn. Free spins that do not come with any wagering requirements are often rare. Often, these free spins bonuses function like any other bonuses and they require the player to satisfy wagering requirements before they are eligible for a cash out.

Redeemable Limits

The winnings from a free spin are often not available for a complete withdrawal. It is especially applicable to the winnings earned from a no deposit free spin bonus. The online casino will allow players to redeem only a section of the winnings while the rest will remain in the account.

Playing Other Games with Winnings

It is feasible to play other slot games using the winnings obtained from the free spins, but there are usually restrictions on the titles available under this category. There is even the possibility of a penalty if a player tries to use the winnings from the free spins on any of the games not listed under the permitted section.

Deposit Free Spins or No Deposit Free Spins

Choosing between the deposit free spins bonus and the no deposit free spins bonus is often a dilemma for most players. In order to try out a game or an online casino, the no deposit free spins bonus is a no-brainer. However, it will not offer the benefits like higher value over the regular free spins and the ability to withdraw money without much wagering requirements. Often with no deposit free spins, there is a huge amount of wagering requirements that have to be met in order to be eligible for withdrawal. These are primarily intended for novice players or those just looking to try an online casino.

The deposit free spins bonus has advantages like low wagering requirements. It even offers a type of free spins package, known as super spins, with a value of 10x or greater than a regular free spin. The lack of a maximum capped amount and other benefits mean that it is ideal for existing players.

Free spins are a hugely attractive part of the online casino. They should not be missed whether it is a Deposit free spins or No Deposit free spins bonus.

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