Online Casino: Download or Instant Play?

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Online casinos continue to grow throughout the globe, but is there a more enjoyable way to experience them? Should you download the game or play instantly on the relevant website? Of course, both have their pros and cons but should a player prefer one to the other?


The main thing that downloading a casino game has in its favour is that it’s a quick and easy one-time setup. That means that you will never have to sign in again when you open the download. You can get straight into enjoying your favourite games without stopping to remember your password. It increases the accessibility of the game so if you’re in a rush to get in and play you can do that with ease. It is worth remembering that the download is only available for the device that you have determined to download the game on; so should you download it on your laptop but then want to play the game on your phone; you will have to download the game again.

It is widely accepted that downloaded versions of games have much better graphics and the game itself is much more reliable; making for a better experience of the game that you’re playing. The game hardly crashes as the software is imprinted on the device that is downloaded on.

However, a downloaded casino game requires memory space; which is something you should consider should you be downloading the game onto a laptop. Obviously different games have different space needed. But it is worth noting a lot of downloads would be too big to have on your phone. Along with this, there is also a limited selection of online casinos that offer this type of service. It isn’t something that a lot of the bigger and better companies provide, as they thrive with their online service; with visitors always happy to come back.

Instant Play

The main drawbacks of the instant play games are the requirement to log in every single time that you enter their website. This is changing now, with apps likely to only need thumb recognition for you to sign in safely. However, should you be logging in on the phones internet then you will need to enter your credentials (if they aren’t already saved.) A lot of the game’s graphics also depend on internet coverage when playing instantly. This could make for unfavourable user experience, but if you plan when you want to play this wouldn’t be a problem that would deter a user from the instant casino and games.

Instant play’s biggest pro would be the ability to play on any device; making it very accessible from anywhere. If you were on a train back from work and wanted to play; you can do it. Whereas downloadable games require software and downloadable space; instant play requires neither.

Furthermore, instant play games are available on all top online casinos and bookmakers; these same companies also offer an array of welcome offers and member bonuses meaning that there are always perks on offer.


There are pros and cons for both types of playing online games; it comes down to the individual. If you are somebody that likes to play on the go with their mobile phone, then instant is the best way. However, should you sit at home on your desktop then the downloadable game may be more geared towards you.

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