Review: Batman & Mr Freeze Fortune Slot

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The Batman & Mr Freeze Fortune online slot machine is just one of the latest games that can be seen at the excellent Sun Casino. With loads of action packed features for all ages, this game is a true must for any slot machine fan or aficionado.

Shortly we will be looking at a few reasons why this machine is so popular. However, it is worth remembering that the Batman & Mr Freeze online slot is powered by Playtech. This company has had a long-established history of producing top class slot machines dating back many years. So just what features and advantages does the Batman & Mr Freeze online slot have for its players?

Great Characters and Storyline

Batman was first introduced to the TV screen back in the 1960’s and starred Adam West as the caped crusader. His job was to keep Gotham City safe from criminals. He often faced numerous dangerous high profile characters such as the Joker, the Riddler and the Penguin. Another of his arch rivals was the notorious “Mr Freeze” who as the name implies, would freeze his victims while committing horrible crimes.

Fantastic Value

Many slot machines that are located inside land based casinos have poor RTP (Return to Player) figures, not so the Batman & Mr Freeze online slot. This little gem returns more than 95% of bets to the player over the long term. This means that for every $1 that you bet with, you will return a whopping $0.95 of it. This allows you to go for the big prizes and the big money with a much lower risk.

Excellent Range of Bonuses

Any slot machine player will tell you that the bonuses and rewards are one of the major reasons why they play. In this regard, the Batman & Mr Freeze online slot machine doesn’t disappoint. It rewards its players with numerous free spins. These free spins are like money in the bank. They allow you to go for the bigger prizes with zero risk. Meanwhile, the multiplier wilds reward all players with wins of between two and five times their initial bet. Additional wilds allow you to win even more.

Great Jackpot Features

Let’s be honest, we all like the thought of landing the jackpot! Any player that comes to the Batman & Mr Freeze online slot machine at Sun Casino won’t be disappointed at the excellent progressive jackpot that is on offer. With over 1000 different ways to win on numerous paylines, you literally can win life changing sums of money on this slot machine.

Get those Wild Symbols

Any experienced slot machine player will tell you that getting wild symbols is a good thing. There are in fact numerous wild symbols on this slot machine to boost your chances of winning. For example, there are “multiplier wilds” and these reward the player with between two and six times their original bet. This means that winnings and profits can rapidly start to rack up when you play this slot machine.

Great Audio and Graphics

Last but by no means least, the audio and graphics on this slot machine are of the very highest calibre. However, what more would you expect from Playtech? This company has produced many such slot machines down the years and continues to raise the bar with their excellence. The game symbols represent all of the major characters and facets of the game.

These include the two central characters of Batman and Mr Freeze. However, let’s not forget Batman’s trusted helper “Robin” and that famous Batmobile and red phone. These can all be seen in this wonderful game that will provide hours of fun packed entertainment. If that’s not all, you can even download and play the Batman & Mr Freeze online slot machine completely free of charge.

This will allow players to get to know the machine before playing for real. The minimum and maximum stake sizes allow players to both play very cheaply and to bet large to go for the big wins. So this machine really does cater for every taste and every pocket. The only thing left is to go to Sun Casino and try it out for yourself.

Author bio:  Carl Sampson is a full-time poker player and casino lurker. He is also an ex-croupier who loves the odd flutter on slot machines for recreation.

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