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Those of us who enjoy switching onto Channel 4 to witness Noel Edmunds’ truly terrifying choices of attire to put contestants through the scintillating suspense of trying to avoid the big ‘red’ numbers in order to win big cash prizes, will surely love the chance to win big through the casino version of the game.

Ladbrokes among others offer the original Deal or No Deal title on their website and with the ability to download the game onto a mobile device.

In case you have been living under a rock for the last ten years and are unfamiliar with the concept of Deal or No Deal then let me enlighten you.

The Television format is simple, there are no questions and you are guaranteed to walk away with at least a penny. However, the top prize is £250,000 with a total of 22 boxes containing a value sum of money between 1p and a quarter of a million pounds.

The contestant selects a numbered box at random and attempts to ‘get rid’ of the lower valued boxes in order to give them the best opportunity to maximise their earnings.

The addition of a banker who makes an offer for the contestant’s box at certain points throughout the game, tests the player’s nerves but does provide opportunities to accept a solid value if it looks like the amount of lower numbers left in the game heavily outweighs the larger sums.

Eventually there will be just two boxes remaining and if the contestant has not accepted a prior offer from the banker, then whatever value is revealed in their chosen box is the prize the contestant walks away with.

Playing the game

In Ladbroke’s version of the game, there are 26 identical boxes for you to choose from however the aim of the game is the same as the TV format.

The first step is to select your stake you want to play with by clicking on the up and down arrows next to the stake box.

You then select six boxes to play which will reveal value and give an idea as to how your game is panning out (avoid all the big numbers at all cost!)

After the first six boxes have been selected, the banker will then make his introduction and entice you with an offer with the sole directive of buying your box for as little as possible.

Now you have the option to select the ‘Deal’ icon (which will accept the bankers offer and end the game) or the ‘No Deal’ icon (which then continue with the next round of box selections) depending on how you feel your game has begun.

The game continues to follow the above process but only five boxes are opened prior to the bankers next offer thus reducing the amount of values left on the board giving you a better picture of your chances.

In the fourth and fifth rounds, only four boxes are selected. If at the end of round five you click ‘No Deal’ then the initial box you opened will then reveal the sum you win.

The Game Details

The game uses fixed odds allowing you the realistic chance of winning from one game to the next with Ladbrokes themselves laying the odds.

The minimum stake you can place is 50p up to a maximum of £1000 but if you fancy a little practice first then you can play for free (but you will need to register with the casino you choose).

Deal or No Deal boasts a very competitive return to player rate of 95.46% ensuring you enjoy the sweet taste of success from time to time and has received some rave reviews from punters.


The concept of Deal or No Deal has been a huge hit since its launch onto our TV screens in 2005. Ladbrokes, BGO and Gala have done a nice job on the aesthetics and easy to play game mode.

The opportunity to go head to head with the banker is also a tempting prospect with the chance to win some very real cash makes this game appealing for hardened online casino gamers or the casual dip in and out player.

If you like the TV show then you will love this.

Deal or No Deal?

Definitely Deal.


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